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Catalogue #5: Memories: Photograph Albums and Scrapbooks

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A short list of Interesting vintage albums of photographs and scrapbooks: World War II, a 1930s NBC singing sensation and WSU graduate, mid-century furniture settings, a trip to Egypt in 1935 and more…

Catalogue #4: China and India

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An American couple in Tientsin in the 1930s, a viceroy’s travels in India, one of the first schools for the blind in China — a photograph of a Chinese impersonator and human xylophone…

Catalogue #3: From Here…To Timbuktu

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A broad sweep of history, from pioneers in early Seattle, to 1880s Egypt, a missionary who became prime minister of Hawaii, the military experiences of a British soldier on India’s Northwest Frontier in the early 1900s and more…

Glimpses-of-China...and Japan

Catalogue #2: Glimpses of China … and Japan

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Highlights include images of Chinese soldiers in World War 2, a rare map of early 1900 missionary stations, an embassy expedition in 1792 and views on anti-opium…


Catalogue #1: Glimpses of China

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For a look at colorful old Peking shop signs, women in the Chinese Revolution, a luggage label from an iconic Shanghai hotel and more…

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