We don't share your information with others.

Privacy, Our Way

If you provide us with your email address to stay on our mailing list, then we may send you news and updates occasionally. We won’t share, sell, or give your contact information to other businesses or organizations. If you buy books from us, we collect your mailing address to ship your purchase to you. We don’t mail you anything else, and we don’t share, sell, or give your address to anyone else. Similarly, we never share your payment information because we never receive it. All payment is made through established third-party payment facilities such as PayPal and Amazon, which shield your information during the transaction.

We may place cookies in your browser that help you view our site. We don’t use cookies to track personal information.

It’s your privacy, and we’re not here to take it away from you. That said, we reserve the right — in what would be highly unlikely circumstances — to provide your information to law enforcement agencies if they lawfully seek it. And you should know that although we don’t collect your data, other organizations (such as your internet provider) might do so when you visit our site, or any site, on the internet, or when you shop at our online eBay and Amazon stores, or anyone else’s online stores. We cannot control or overrule the data-gathering and distribution activities of others.

Data about Your Returns or Refunds

In those rare cases when a book suffers damage in shipping, return or refund can be arranged. Our privacy policy in these circumstances is the same as for any other transaction. We protect your privacy by using your information only to process the return or refund and communicate with you about that transaction. When you pay us via PayPal or Amazon, we refund through those same entities, which means we never see or collect your bank account or credit card information.

About Your Internet Privacy

Note that our privacy policy does not overrule the policies of internet service providers (ISPs), broadband companies, email providers, cell phone services, federal and state governments, or any other entity. For example, you might come to our site using your smartphone, and while we don’t capture your information except as described above, the service that provides your wireless connectivity may do so.

We don’t sell, share, or distribute any information we do collect, such as your shipping address.

We may or may not send you occasional other messages about our books and services if you are a customer or have signed up on our email list.